• Q:   Why Should I get a home inspection?

    A:  A comprehensive home inspection can give you the security and knowledge of property you are buying. The inspection will inform you of any current or previous issues that may need to be addressed before purchasing. It can also point out areas of the property that need maintenance and give you a better understanding of how the house operates.
  • Q:   Should I be present during the inspection?

    A:  Yes. It is beneficial to be present during the home inspection to better understand how the house works. The inspector can inform you of vital locations such as the gas and water shut off. This is also your chance to ask as many questions about your home as needed.
  • Q:   Do you inspect manufactured homes?

    A:  Yes, we inspect manufactured homes exactly the way we would a conventional home.
  • Q:   Does the inspectors perform repairs?

    A:  No, our inspectors cannot perform any repairs, quotes, or guarantees per the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS 645 D). Your inspection report provides a summary of recommended repairs and evaluations. These repairs should be done by licensed professionals in their respective fields.

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