About Us

Armstrong Inspection Services is the most experienced and largest inspection company with the most up to date technology in all of Northern Nevada. Since 1985 we have provided a clear and better understanding of your residential and/or commercial property investment. We are able to provide you with an onsite review of your inspection and the final report within 24 hours. Rest assure that with over 100 combined years of experience in the construction industry our three Master Inspectors and two Residential Inspectors can ensure that you are making a smart property investment.

  • Marc Bebout
    Marc Bebout

    is the owner of Armstrong Inspection Services. He is a Master Inspector of Structures and has worked in the construction industry for most of his life. He is a Nevada Native and has spent over 16 years as a building inspector. Marc is a I.C.C. (International Code Council) certified Combination Inspector and has worked for the State of Nevada, Washoe County and the City of Sparks as a building Inspector.

  • Roger Hudspeth
    Roger Hudspeth

    is a Master Inspector of Structures. He brings over 20 years of experience in the construction industry including both residential and commercial buildings and 10 years of Architectural design and project management. He holds a degree in Architecture from the University of New Mexico, School of Architecture and Planning and has experience in commercial, institutional and a full range of residential projects giving him an extensive knowledge of building standards and codes and life safety issues.

  • Brian Callahan
    Brian Callahan

    is a Nevada Native and Residential Inspector of Structures. He has also worked in various areas of general construction and as a pest inspector. Brian brings over 10 years of experience in home inspections and extensive knowledge in the construction industry.

  • Jamey Rathmann
    Jamey Rathmann

    is a Nevada Native and has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. A large portion of those years were spent as a General Contractor for Rathmann Construction. He has foreman and superintendent experience, working with commercial and residential property. Jamey is an excellent home inspector who can ensure your residential or commercial property is ready for your purchase.

  • David Walker

    David is a Nevada native with 20-plus years of hands-on experience in the skilled-trade industry. As a longtime professional carpenter, crew leader, builder and handyman, David’s varied background includes in-depth knowledge of the construction and appliance industries, both commercial and residential. For several years, he specialized in home and commercial appliance installation. In addition, he worked in multiple departments at Western Nevada Supply in Reno, which provided him with valuable knowledge, insight and expertise in plumbing, waterworks, HVAC and other related fields. David is a trustworthy, detail-oriented residential inspector, dedicated to providing comprehensive, superior service to my customers.